All Sorted Ep 2: LEGO Envy

All Sorted Podcast

On a very special episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James:

Covet our neighbors house (or at least his basement):

Lust after some retro LEGO blocks made realized in life size:

  • Brix System; a collection of functional, hand crafted life-sized LEGO bricks, custom made from wood

Wish we were wearing some LEGO fashions:

Inquire if we need yet another minifig of Chris Pratt:

Plumb new depths with a LEGO portable toilet:

Answer the question, “Can a grown man be jealous of a seven year old child?” Spoiler: The answer is yes, if that child is the proud owner of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

Finally, we wonder if LEGO is just the gateway to a life unfulfilled; always wanting more, but it always being tantalizingly, just out of reach? Or maybe it’s just a toy?