All Sorted Ep 32: LEGO The Evolution of City

LEGO City Logo

On a civil episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:

LEGO System i leg
Small House LEGO 1955

See how it all started:

  • The System i Leg (or, System of Play, in English) was unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 1955.

LEGO Train 1966

Ride the rails with the first LEGO trains:

LEGOLand 1971

Travel to LEGOLAND:

LEGO Town 1978

Settle in LEGO Town:

  • LEGO Town Theme (1978-2004)
    • 624 Sets
    • First modern Minifigure in set 600: Police Car
    • Sticker to decorate the torso
    • Police Officer could not fit in car
    • LEGO begins to produce “Juniorised” sets, simplifying the builds
    • Set 6566: Bank

LEGO City 2015

Move on up to the big city:

Finally we ask, has LEGO moved LEGO City in the right direction? Where would you like the theme to go? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter, I’m @StillSorting.