All Sorted Ep 19: LEGO Boardgames


On a die defying episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James discuss LEGO Boardgames.


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Thanks to Jacoby Young for setting us down the LEGO board game rabbit hole:

Roll the dice on LEGO’s early board games:

Watch LEGO attempt to be a major game publisher (Part One):

Catch our breath:

  • Nothing happens for four years…
    • Except behind the scenes:
    • In 2006 LEGO hires board game designer Cephas Howard to develop a line of board games.
    • Reiner Knizia and Bernie DeKoven are brought in to consult.

Watch LEGO attempt to be a major game publisher (Part Two)

LEGO comes out of hibernation and goes on to release 43 games over the next five years! Here is a sampling:

Take LEGO gaming into our own hands:

Finally, Do you have a favorite LEGO board game, either official or MOC? If so let us know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter, @StillSorting.

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