Epic Gumdrop EP 1 – Tabletop Day

Epic Gumdrop Podcast

In this episode of the Epic Gumdrop games podcast we talk about:

  • A Colt Express expansion coming in the fall.
  • We look back at some games played at the Gathering of Friends (by others of course, because we get our game juice via internet), including Food Chain Magnate (pub. Splotter) and the much anticipated 504 by Friedemann Friese.
  • We also get excited about a few other Friese titles, Black Friday and Friday which we’ll be playing as soon as they arrive.
  • What we’ve been playing, both on tabletop and on desktop, including Craft The World and neverending rounds of Netrunner (the kid is winning).
  • Although it’s over for another year, we look back at our Tabletop Day festivities and talk about how the gateway games we introduced went over with the non-gamers.

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