Epic Gumdrop EP 2: MAT

Epic Gumdrop Podcast

This week on Epic Gumdrop we talk about some upcoming games that look interesting:

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Have you always craved a dexterity dungeon game?

Feeling nostaligic?

Dice Tower News pointed out a good piece over at The Game Aisle called 3D Printing: Enter the Age of Bootlegs?


This week we booted around a copy of Doomtown: Reloaded. We were both impressed as all get-out, and talk about why.


We will start doing a Let’s Play for Craft the World soon. Probably. Maybe.


Finally, we’ve been thinking a lot about the bits that make games great, essentially boiled down to Mechanic, Art and Theme. Or MAT. A beautiful triangle of gaming goodness. We chat about this and try to think of some examples. There are at least 14 million more great examples that we have overlooked in our boundless enthusiasm and general laziness. Let us know what other games we should be checking out that master all three of the MAT triangle. Or maybe the game only nails one of them perfectly. Either way, drop us a note below.