Epic Gumdrop Ep 16: Arctic Scavengers

Arctic Scavengers cover art

On a frozen wasteland episode of Epic Gumdrop we discuss/review the re-re-release of Arctic Scavengers and expansions. Will Jeff get a dig of 3 and find the med kit in time? Will James pull his sniper team from the bunker? And who will win the skirmish (only to find out it is a grenade)?

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(Length: approx 48min)


Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon

Arctic Scavengers box

Where’s the game? Ah, it’s there. The base game takes up the top 1/3 of the box.


Arctic Scavengers base game

So few choices. Yet you will make even fewer than you expect. But each one is critical.


Arctic Scavengers refugees

Dig and hunt values of zero? Where’s that cannibal tribe leader when you need him?


Arctic Scavengers thugs

Dream about hiring a band of thugs. And then keep dreaming.


Arctic Scavengers snipers

What’s hiding in that bunker? These guys? Probably.


Arctic Scavengers art

Which cover art do you prefer? And what’s that guy’s problem, anyway? We sent him out to dig days ago.


Arctic Scavengers base and HQ

Bored? Add HQ expansions.


Arctic Scavengers Recon

Bored again? Add Recon modules.

Still bored? Then something is wrong with you. Seek medical attention immediately.