Site Update


Since we often get questioned about whether or not we have taken up postings on Mars it seemed like I should write a short update.

Any of you with small kids or jobs know that life moves exceedingly fast. As I typed that sentence my kids grew 7 inches in height and one of them now has a job. Also, it has been 6 months or something ridiculous since we recorded. And then it was 6 months or something absurd since we recorded before that. Yeesh.

Good news is that we are aiming to make more time for this soon since our life situations will allow it (I am no longer on the run from spies and Jeff has ended his experiments with trans-dimensional travel). The reason this is good news is that we suffer distressingly painful Microphonological Withdrawal when we don’t talk at each other and record it to share with like-minded humans.

Essentially, we haven’t given up on this project (says every final update to every dead blog) and do intend to continue it. We will likely return with reduced frequency (monthly?), but hopefully be more consistent.

In our absence the podcast has surprisingly grown in listeners, which is nice to see, but also means I may need to move the audio hosting at some point. I’ll post further details about this when it happens.

In the meantime, thanks for listening and sticking around with us while we figure out how to get the Infinite Podcast Engine running smoothly again.

Your Insomnia Cure,
James (and Jeff).