Top Ten LEGO Star Wars sets with Darth Vader

Welcome to our first-ever Top Ten list! I thought we’d kick things off with a non-controversial Star Wars themed list, because people don’t have strong feelings about the Star Wars franchise, do they? But to take the edge off I thought we’d get specific and only look at LEGO Star Wars sets with Darth Vader. Enjoy!


7251: Darth Vader Transformation
For sheer weirdness the number 10 spot has to go to Set 7251, Darth Vader Transformation.
It’s like the worst nail salon in the known universe. Would you trust a five armed robot that looks like a discount Dalek to take care of your cuticles, let alone transform you into some kind of dark machine?

LEGO Darth Vader Transformation


7257: Ultimate Lightsaber Duel
While the set might seem a little underwhelming by today’s exacting standards, it comes with light-up Anakin and Obi-Wan! Imagine the minutes of fun the kids would have had with this, though, before the set was disassembled in rage.

LEGO Ultimate Lightsaber Duel


7264: Imperial Inspection
This should be included simply because it sounds like something that happens in an office once every quarter. While only 367 pieces this set is part space awesome and part airport luggage carrier fantasy. Plus 2 Royal Guards and 4 Stormtroopers!

LEGO Imperial Inspection


10123: Cloud City
The only thing that pairs well with fine dining in Cloud City is a vintage 2003 Darth Vader.

When you remove the background and mood lighting I’m guessing this set looks a lot less interesting, but it does have playability to it. Not action movie playability, but I could see Leia sitting there for a few hours wondering why she’s been stood up. Again.

LEGO Cloud City


7672: Rogue Shadow
Not only is this a great looking ship, but it comes with battle damaged Darth Vader, Darth’s Apprentice and Juno Eclipse. Although we could have gone with the TIE Fighter Collection or the TIE Fighter and Y-Wing sets for multi-ship playability, this ship looks like it can handle things on its own. This ship is all sharp edges and bad guy cool. I suspect the conversation at the spaceship dealer went something like this:

Darth: “What you say this model was called?”

Dealer: “Rogue Shadow, sir. It has backup cameras, air conditioning and the console operates by mind control.”

Darth: “Rad. How many lasers does this thing have.”

Dealer: “27.”

Darth: “Inadequate.”

Dealer: [falls to ground clutching throat]


LEGO Rogue Shadow


75093: Death Star Final Duel
I love the way they captured the interior of the Death Star with those little alcoves by the windows. Plus more Royal Guards! Can you ever have enough Royal Guards? And Jedi Master Luke and Emperor Palpatine! Go read the description for this set, LEGO really sells it.

LEGO Death Star Final Duel


10221: Super Star Destroyer
It’s not just a Star Destroyer, because that job is left for regular little ships with regular laser canons that only do a regular amount of galactic destruction. It’s a SUPER Star Destroyer because this thing intends to do some serious damage when it’s not just floating around in space taking selfies and inspecting itself in the mirror. Also, “Get in the car, we are going to have to take your sister to the hospital! What made you think it would be a good idea running around the house with this thing?”

LEGO Super Star Destroyer


10212: Imperial Shuttle
This is a sleek, elegant ship. We all know you can’t judge a ship by it’s part count, but you can judge it by the amount of fun you will have flying that Imperial Shuttle in a harrowing journey through your entire house at a running pace. Plus fewer trips to the hospital than the SUPER STAR DESTROYER.

LEGO Imperial Shuttle


7965: Millennium Falcon
This 2011 set boats 1254 pieces and six minifigures. And it’s the epitome of a cool space build. Sure, Polybag Darth is fun but he’s approximately 9.78 million percent more fun with a ship. Indisputable Fact. What kid would not have spent 54 hours building and 942 days playing with this thing? The Fun:Brick-Cost ratio is through the roof with this.

Star Wars Trivia: Polybag Darth was both his elementary school nickname as well as an early working title for a popular Beatles song.

LEGO Millennium Falcon


10188: Death Star
Could there ever be any doubt – Set 10188, Death Star, at a massive 3803 pieces is 9000 different kinds of amazing. There is story going on everywhere with this set, and after you spend four weeks building it you’ll spend the next several months attending acting school just so you can play out every sequence that takes place inside the bowels of that gorgeous orb of death.

LEGO Death Star