LEGO Look Back: Police Headquarters

LEGO Police Headquarters Set 7744

The officer kept staring at the wanted poster, then glancing over at the man they were putting behind bars. He couldn’t believe it. After four years of investigative work, an expensive and deadly sting operation involving eight criminal organizations and the acquisition of a lot of police vehicles, they had brought him to justice. Now they would watch him rot in LEGO prison.

There wasn’t a lot of crime in City, with statistics showing a relatively stable crime rate since the city’s inception. The Police Headquarters only had two cells, and one of them had sat empty and waiting for years. There was Prison Island, of course, but only the worst of the worst, the rare and devious monsters, ended up there.

One of the senior officers was on the upper level jeering at the prisoner through a megaphone, his rage pouring out through his now incoherent taunts. He felt a burning fury at having lost his partner of 20 years during the final push to apprehend the man they were now locking away for good. It would be surprising if the prisoner managed to survive the life sentence they had handed down to him. Everyone in City seemed to have a story about this thug, and no one would feel bad if he were to fall victim to an accident.

As the officer continued to stare at the wanted poster he knew they were better than this. They would do their duty to keep citizens safe and make this prisoner pay for his crimes. Besides, the officer had been approached by a publisher to tell his story about the lengthy take-down of this criminal. People of City loved their true crime books and the officer knew he had a riveting tale to tell. It was part cyber-sleuthing and K-9 unit escapades that had broken the crime rings of City and he was the perfect author to spin the yarn of their exploits.

If there was a hero to the story it was probably that lovable K-9 who finally managed to take the criminal down during their prolonged chase. The dog kept watch, even now, as the prison was led to his final home. It was as though the dog had made this case personal and he wasn’t done until the bars closed shut. The officer also couldn’t shake the feeling that the dog knew something they didn’t, like the criminal already had future plans falling into place. How could this scoundrel do any more damage, though? This criminal was going to rot in the LEGO Police Headquarters prison and that was the end of it.

They would all feel better now that the man on the wanted poster was behind bars and there was absolutely no chance whatsoever that he would escape to once again rampage through the dark corners of the City. Let’s go inside and get a cup of coffee and see what the internet has to say about all this, he thought to himself as he smiled.