LEGO Look Back: Airport Shuttle

LEGO Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle Brings Controversy to Town

by Town Correspondent

Taxpayers are up in arms once again LEGO Town, this time over the recently completed Airport Monorail.

We spoke to several local minifigures who agreed to tell us their story on condition of anonymity.

“It’s not clear why taxpayers continue to put up with this. It’s a great Monorail, sure, but it’s a multi-million dollar investment in Town that effectively transports airline passengers from the airport terminal to the parkade,” said one citizen wearing a non-distinct red necklace.

Another resident, this one wearing a blue baseball cap, remarked that “This is a brickdoggle at the highest level. You’re telling me that the Mayor isn’t colluding with his City contractors? They’ve squandered our tax dollars for the last time!”

Not everyone is quite ready to assemble their brick built Molotov cocktails, though. An airport pilot wanted to assure everyone that “the Airport Shuttle is bringing much needed revenue to the LEGO Airport, particularly in light of Town losing sponsorship support from corporations like Shell. We have a phenomenal safety record, but that kind of success requires a constant flow of capital. Without innovative projects like the Shuttle we wouldn’t even be able to keep the baseplates clear of potholes.”

While the Airport Shuttle is no High-Speed Passenger Train like you’d find in the City, it must be said that it has its own charms. At 767 bricks the Shuttle is actually a more robust system, including a delicious concession stand for those passengers who gained an appetite during their journey. And while it lacks the zoomability of a motorized system, its clickity monorail design is an engineering marvel. Finally, until the City Train connects to other infrastructure it sadly remains a closed loop. Conversely, the Airport Shuttle, while costly, has immediately begun to fulfill its potential as a rapid mode of moving weary passengers heading home from their worldly journeys back into Town.

Although the controversy isn’t likely to end any time soon, we must remember that the great builders of Town have a vision and minifigures like you and I need to trust in that vision. Only with our support will Town achieve greatness. And only through our Town’s greatness will I one day, maybe decades from now, attain employment as a reporter in City.