All Sorted Ep 9: LEGO Knockoffs

LEGO Patent

On a LEGO compatible episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James run through a brief history of LEGO and then discuss the world of LEGO knockoffs.
LEGO Timeline

See the first North American attempt to knock off LEGO:

Tyco Super Blocks – Works with LEGO
Super Blocks

Look into Canada’s biggest toy company:

Mega Blocks – Northern determination
LEGO Knockoff

Transform Hasbro properties into bricks:

Kre-O – Hasbro wants blocks too
LEGO Knockoff

Visit China – where IP rights go to die:
Ninjago LEGO Knockoff

Finally we ask, are the clone brands really hurting LEGO sales? Is LEGO itself actually a clone brand? Will the knockoffs continue to improve in quality?