All Sorted Ep 64: LEGO Garage Part I

Jeff and James pop some hoods, kick some tires and pretend they know stuff about automobiles in this nitro and puppy fueled first episode of LEGO Garage.

Let us know what you think in the comments or tell Jeff he doesn’t know his crank-wheezle from his high-octane-phlogiston over on Twitter @stillsorting.

Here are the sets we talked about, hopefully in order of appearance:

41301: Puppy Parade

41301 Puppy Parade

8898 Wreckage Road

7682: Shanghai Chase

7682 Shanghai Chase

9464 The Vampyre Hearse
31006: Highway Speedster

31006 Highway Speedster

6913: Blue Roadster

6913 Blue Roadster

41339 Mias Camper Van

31037: Adventure Vehicles

31037 Adventure Vehicles

76013 Batman The Joker Steam Roller

31079: Sunshine Surfer Van

31079 Sunshine Surfer Van

3177 Small Car

1489: Mobile Car Crane

1489 Mobile Car Crane

60085 4x4 with Powerboat

5763: Dune Hopper

5763 Dune Hopper

4207 City Garage