All Sorted Ep 53: LEGO Toy or Collectible?

On a collected episode of All Sorted Jeff and James

Collect some minifigures:

  • Collectible Minifigure Series (2010-Present):
  • Since March of 2010 LEGO has released a new set of CMF almost every 3 months on average.
    • That’s 20 CMF Sets in 67 months, or 323 new minifigs 2133 days!
  • In 2013 LEGO randomly inserts 5000 Mr. Gold minifigs into CMF Series 10.
    • Mr. Gold today sells for between $1000 and $2000, making Mr. Gold worth more than his weight in gold (4 grams of pure gold would sell for less than $200).
  • Since the introduction of the CMF Series in 2010, LEGO has gone from making an average of 250,000,000 minifigs per year to manufacturing over 750,000,000 minifigs in 2015 alone!

LEGO Mr Gold

Make room for some larger LEGO sets:

LEGO Large Cafe

Head to San Diego Comic Con:


Maximize our resale value:

LEGO VIP Early Access

Become BrickHeadz:

LEGO BrickHeadz

Finally, we ask:

  • Has LEGO lost their way?
  • Are they still a toy company that makes some collectibles, or are they now a collectible company that makes some toys?
  • Do you want more LEGO collectibles?

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