All Sorted Ep 51: LEGO Disney

LEGO Disney

On a magical episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:

Look at the first ever licensed LEGO Toy

LEGO Wooden Pluto

  • Wooden pull-toy of Mickey’s Pal Pluto
    • Made sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s.
    • Remained in production throughout the 1950s.

Wait 50 more years for LEGO to follow up that success

LEGO Mickey's Car Garage

Get things in writing

In 2009 LEGO signs a multi-year partnership with Disney Consumer Products obtaining exclusive rights to construction toys based on the entire portfolio of Disney and Disney Pixar properties.

Starting in 2010, LEGO would release at least one new set based on a Disney property every year:


LEGO Disney Minifigure

Add it all up

  • LEGO has had an over 80 year relationship with Disney, that has seen them release one wooden dog, and over 172 LEGO sets and polybags across 10 different themes.
  • Since Disney bought out Lucasfilm in late 2012, LEGO has released a staggering 214 LEGO Star Wars sets!
  • Disney branding began appearing on LEGO Star Wars sets in late 2014, and have appeared on every LEGO Star Wars set since.
  • When you add the Star Wars sets to the Disney total, LEGO has released 404 sets across 11 different Themes!
    • That’s almost 100 more than the next closest license, Lucasfilm, with 308 sets (of which 289 are Star Wars) released across 2 themes.
    • Only Warner Brothers has had more than 100 sets released with 215 sets released across 7 themes.

Finally, we ask

  • Is there any Disney property you think LEGO has neglected?
  • Should LEGO stop producing sets based on Disney’s live action movies?
  • What minifigs should be part of a Disney Collectible Minifigure Series 2?

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