All Sorted Ep 41: LEGO Baseplates

On a foundational episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:

Get lost on Hoth:

LEGO Assault on Hoth

75098: Assault on Hoth

Look back at the history of LEGO baseplates:

LEGO 1969 Douglas Coupland Houses

Evolution of the early LEGO® baseplate

LEGO odd baseplates

Enter the “Golden Age of the Baseplate”:

LEGO Space Baseplate

Ask, What happened to all the baseplates?:

LEGO No Baseplate Grand Hotel

Ask, Do we really need baseplates?:

LEGO Temple of Airjitzu

Finally, we ask:

  • Does LEGO need to go back to including baseplates in all large sets?
  • Do you like the new freedom LEGO designers now have in a baseplate free world?

Let us know – please leave a comment, or hit Jeff up on twitter, he’s @StillSorting.