All Sorted Ep 36: LEGO One & Done

On a singular episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:
LEGO License
Look at the LEGO licenses that weren’t on store shelves for very long. Lines that only had sets released in one calendar year.
 LEGO Toy Story
 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
 LEGO Jurassic World
 LEGO Lone Ranger
 LEGO Ben 10
 LEGO Discovery
 LEGO Scooby Doo
 LEGO Prince of Persia
 LEGO Mickey Mouse
 LEGO Avatar
Finally, we ask:
  • Do you like LEGO rushing out to make new licensed sets every year?
  • Would you rather they focus on the evergreen themes and their own properties?
  • Let us know. Please leave a comment, or hit me up on twitter, I’m @StillSorting.