All Sorted Ep 29: LEGO Erling

LEGO Erling

On a sideways episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James:

Look at the legacy of LEGO designer Erling Dideriksen:

Examine Erling’s most famous brick:

  • LEGO officially calls Design ID 4070, “Angular Brick 1X1
  • Internally, LEGO designers refer to it as the Erling and to the brick derived from it (with studs on all sides) as the “Super Erling”:
  • Originally designed as a way to make headlights in car models

LEGO Headlight

  • The Erling brick shows up in 1515 sets since 1980, or just over 28% of the LEGO system sets released.
  • The brick’s unique geometry provides a lot of unique building possibilities – (via HoMa’s World of Bricks)
  • In celebration of the Erling brick’s usefulness the Creator Expert logo was changed in 2015 to a small build made from 7 Erling bricks

Finally, I wish I knew more about the man that gave the world this remarkable brick, but I was unable to dig up any more information. If you know anything, please, let us know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter, @StillSorting.