All Sorted Ep 28: LEGO Dinosaurs

LEGO Dinosaurs

On an Unearthed episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James:

Join Johnny Thunder on an adventure:

Make a movie:

  • LEGO Studios (2001)
    • Thanks to listener Garrett for pointing out this line when I missed it in the LEGO Super Heroes episode.
    • 2 Jurassic Park III LEGO Studios sets released in 2001:

Assemble some dinosaurs from some pieces we find:

Compare the differences in the US and European markets as LEGO saw them in 2005:

Realize LEGO has run out of names for dinosaur themes:

Return to Jurassic Park:

Look back over 15 years of moulded plastic LEGO dinosaurs:

Finally, is there a LEGO dinosaur we failed to dig up? Would you like to see another wave of Jurassic Park sets? Would you like Johnny Thunder to return to Dino Island? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter, @StillSorting.