All Sorted Ep 27: LEGO Rainbow

LEGO Rainbow

On a colourful episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James:

Look at the different sources of LEGO colour information:

  • Bricklink:
    • Lists 130 separate colours.
  • Brick Owl:
    • Lists 193 colours, though some are multiple entries for the same colour, so 145 distinct colours.
    • Lists LEGO name and ColourID, LDraw ID, Bricklink, and Peeron names to help find the right colour.
  • Peeron:
    • Lists 141 colours.
    • Lists BrickLink name and ID#, LDraw ID, LEGO Name and ID, RBG and CYMK values, as well as the Pantone #.
  • LEGO:
    • Does not list any official colour information on any official channel.
    • In 2010 and 2011 LEGO released their official Design Lab Colour Palettes in an effort to assist LUGs in their bulk buy programs .
  • Ryan Howerter – AFOL:

Find the most popular colours:

Bricklink tells us the top four colours LEGO has used most are:

The least used colours have been:

From Peeron we can find out how many times a colour appears in their part inventory, and in what form the colour appears. Basically, if you were to buy one of every set in the Peeron inventory database, the part total is how many total pieces you would have in that colour. The most common colours are:

Finally, Do you like the current LEGO Palette or is there a colour you would like to bring back from the past? Are you upset that LEGO still has not made that one part in the colour you need? Let us know in the comments, or hit Jeff up on Twitter @StillSorting.