All Sorted Ep 26: LEGO Noses

LEGO Noses

On a Nosy episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James…

Take a quick look at the evolution of the minifigure face:

Look through hundreds minifigure heads:

Sort out all the printed noses:

Find the only LEGO minifigure heads with printed noses that represent normal, non-mutated/monster real life humans:

Issue a warning:

Finally, Do you like the LEGO aesthetic of LEGO minifigures having no nose, or do you with LEGO would add more facial detail now that the printing process allows for more details? Would you like LEGO to go the LEGO Friends route and add 3D noses to the minifigs? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter, @StillSorting.

PS – because we forgot to mention it, @robinreacts reminded us about Time Cruising Timmy (photo courtesy @RobinReacts)

Time Cruisers - Timmy