All Sorted Ep 20: LEGO Super Heroes

LEGO Superheroes

On a heroic episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James:

LEGO Superheroes Batman

Light-up the Bat Signal:

LEGO Batman Constraction

Build some Constractions:

LEGO Marvel Helicarrier

Marvel at a new line

LEGO Batman

Detect the World’s Finest:

Thank LEGO for all the super minifigures they have made over the years:

Item No. Name Type Comic
bat014 (Inv) Alfred the Butler Hero DC
sh050 (Inv) Aquaman Hero DC
sh207 (Inv) Arsenal (San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh092 (Inv) Batgirl Hero DC
sh132 (Inv) Batman – Black Suit with Copper Belt (Type 2 Cowl) Hero DC
sh016 (Inv) Batman – Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 1 Cowl) Hero DC
sh016a (Inv) Batman – Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 2 Cowl) Hero DC
sh048 (Inv) Batman – Black Wings Hero DC
sh097 (Inv) Batman – Dark Blue Wetsuit and Flippers Hero DC
sh064 (Inv) Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Copper Belt Hero DC
sh151 (Inv) Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape Hero DC
sh204 (Inv) Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape, Black Boots (76035) Hero DC
sh162 (Inv) Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape, Scuba Mask Hero DC
sh089 (Inv) Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Dark Bluish Gray Hands Hero DC
sh046 (Inv) Batman – Electro Suit Hero DC
sh111 (Inv) Batman – Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Blue Mask and Cape Hero DC
sh025 (Inv) Batman – Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask and Cape (Type 1 Cowl) Hero DC
sh025a (Inv) Batman – Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask and Cape (Type 2 Cowl) Hero DC
sh146 (Inv) Batman – Space Hero DC
sh019 (Inv) Batman – Wings and Jet Pack (Type 1 Cowl) Hero DC
sh019a (Inv) Batman – Wings and Jet Pack (Type 2 Cowl) Hero DC
sh002 (Inv) Batman (Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh047 (Inv) Batman Arctic Hero DC
bat002 (Inv) Batman, Black Suit Hero DC
bat024 (Inv) Batman, Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Black Mask Hero DC
bat001 (Inv) Batman, Light Bluish Gray Suit with Black Mask Hero DC
bat022 (Inv) Batman, Light Bluish Gray Suit with Dark Blue Mask Hero DC
sh198 (Inv) Beast Boy (76035) Hero DC
bat013 (Inv) Bruce Wayne Hero DC
sh026 (Inv) Bruce Wayne – Sand Blue Suit Hero DC
sh083 (Inv) Clark Kent / Superman Hero DC
sh079 (Inv) Colonel Hardy Hero DC
sh063 (Inv) Commissioner James Gordon Hero DC
sh155 (Inv) Cyborg Hero DC
sh153 (Inv) Green Arrow Hero DC
sh138 Green Arrow (San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh145 (Inv) Green Lantern – White Hands Hero DC
sh001 (Inv) Green Lantern (Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh082 (Inv) Jor-El Hero DC
sh075 (Inv) Lois Lane Hero DC
sh114 (Inv) Martian Manhunter Hero DC
sh158 (Inv) Martian Manhunter – Cape with Collar Hero DC
bat015 (Inv) Nightwing Hero DC
sh085 (Inv) Nightwing Hero DC
sh142 Plastic Man Hero DC
bat009 (Inv) Robin Hero DC
sh011 (Inv) Robin – Black Cape Hero DC
sh059 (Inv) Robin – Black Cape and Hood Hero DC
sh195 Robin – Dark Green Legs Hero DC
sh091 (Inv) Robin – Green Hands Hero DC
sh112 (Inv) Robin – Short Cape Hero DC
bat025 (Inv) Robin – Short Hair Hero DC
sh200 (Inv) Robin – Short Sleeves, Spiky Hair (76035) Hero DC
sh161 (Inv) Robin – Scuba Hero DC
sh042 (Inv) Shazam / Captain Marvel (Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh197 (Inv) Starfire (76035) Hero DC
sh143 (Inv) Superboy Hero DC
sh157 (Inv) Supergirl Hero DC
sh003 (Inv) Superman Hero DC
sh137 Superman – Black Suit (San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh156 (Inv) Superman – Blue Suit, Dual Sided Head with Red Eyes on Reverse, Spongy Soft Knit Cape (76040) Hero DC
sh077 (Inv) Superman – Dark Blue Suit Hero DC
sh003a (Inv) Superman – Spongy Soft Knit Cape Hero DC
sh129 (Inv) Batman of Zur-En-Arrh (San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive) Hero DC
sh087 (Inv) The Flash Hero DC
sh004 (Inv) Wonder Woman Hero DC
sh150 (Inv) Wonder Woman – Dark Blue Legs Hero DC
bat021 (Inv) Bane Villain DC
sh062 (Inv) Bane Villain DC
sh009 (Inv) Bane – Light Flesh Hands Villain DC
sh163 (Inv) Batzarro Villain DC
sh043 (Inv) Bizarro (Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive) Villain DC
sh160 (Inv) Black Manta Villain DC
sh159 (Inv) Brainiac Villain DC
sh148 (Inv) Captain Cold Villain DC
bat003 (Inv) Catwoman Villain DC
sh006 (Inv) Catwoman Villain DC
sh152 (Inv) Darkseid Villain DC
sh194 Deathstroke Villain DC
sh057 (Inv) Dr. Harleen Quinzel Villain DC
sh080 (Inv) Faora Villain DC
sh078 (Inv) General Zod Villain DC
sh076 (Inv) General Zod – Helmet, Cape Villain DC
sh147 (Inv) Gorilla Grodd Villain DC
sh024 (Inv) Harley Quinn – Black and Red Hands Villain DC
sh199 (Inv) Harley Quinn – White Arms (76035) Villain DC
bat026 (Inv) Harley Quinn – White Hands Villain DC
bat008 (Inv) Killer Croc Villain DC
sh012 (Inv) Lex Luthor Villain DC
sh039 (Inv) Lex Luthor – Battle Armor Villain DC
sh086 (Inv) Man-Bat Villain DC
bat011i (Inv) Mr. Freeze Villain DC
sh049 (Inv) Mr. Freeze Villain DC
bat011c01 (Inv) Mr. Freeze with Complete Weapon Assembly Villain DC
bat018 (Inv) Poison Ivy Villain DC
sh010 (Inv) Poison Ivy Villain DC
bat016 (Inv) Scarecrow Villain DC
sh058 (Inv) Scarecrow Villain DC
sh144 (Inv) Sinestro Villain DC
bat005 (Inv) The Joker Villain DC
sh206 (Inv) The Joker – Blue Vest Villain DC
sh094 (Inv) The Joker – Blue Vest, Dark Purple Hat Villain DC
sh133 (Inv) The Joker – Green Vest Villain DC
sh005 (Inv) The Joker – Lime Vest Villain DC
sh061 (Inv) The Joker – Prison Jumpsuit Villain DC
bat010 (Inv) The Penguin Villain DC
sh060 (Inv) The Penguin Villain DC
sh096 (Inv) The Penguin – Fur Collar Villain DC
bat017 (Inv) The Riddler Villain DC
sh008 (Inv) The Riddler Villain DC
sh088 (Inv) The Riddler – Green and Dark Green Zipper Outfit Villain DC
bat023 (Inv) The Riddler with Complete Jet Pack Assembly (Set 7787) Villain DC
sh081 (Inv) Tor-An Villain DC
sh210 Trickster Villain DC
bat004 (Inv) Two-Face with Black Stripe Hips Villain DC
bat004a (Inv) Two-Face with Plain White Hips Villain DC
sh007 (Inv) Two-Face, Orange and Purple Suit Villain DC
bat012 (Inv) Mr. Freeze’s Henchman Henchman DC
sh093 (Inv) The Joker Goon Henchman DC
bat007 (Inv) The Joker’s Henchman Henchman DC
sh020 (Inv) The Joker’s Henchman – Lime Jacket Henchman DC
bat006 (Inv) Two-Face’s Henchman Henchman DC
sh021 (Inv) Two-Face’s Henchman, Orange and Purple – Beard Henchman DC
sh022 (Inv) Two-Face’s Henchman, Orange and Purple – Sunglasses Henchman DC
sh208 (Inv) All New Captain America – Sam Wilson (San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh201 (Inv) Ant-Man Hero Marvel
sh035 (Inv) Black Widow Hero Marvel
sh186 (Inv) Black Widow – Short Hair Hero Marvel
sh106 (Inv) Captain America – Blue Suit, Brown Belt Hero Marvel
sh014 (Inv) Captain America – Dark Blue Suit Hero Marvel
sh177 (Inv) Captain America – Detailed Suit Hero Marvel
sh184 (Inv) Captain America – Detailed Suit – without Mask Hero Marvel
sh028 Captain America (Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh117 (Inv) Cyclops Hero Marvel
sh032 (Inv) Deadpool Hero Marvel
sh125 (Inv) Drax Hero Marvel
sh099 (Inv) Falcon Hero Marvel
sh124 (Inv) Gamora Hero Marvel
sh202 (Inv) Hank Pym Hero Marvel
sh034 (Inv) Hawkeye Hero Marvel
sh172 (Inv) Hawkeye – Black and Dark Red Suit Hero Marvel
sh154 (Inv) Hawkman Hero Marvel
sh037 (Inv) Hulk Hero Marvel
sh095 (Inv) Hulk – Dark Purple Pants Hero Marvel
sh173 (Inv) Hulk – Dark Purple Pants with Dark Red Pattern Hero Marvel
sh013 (Inv) Hulk – Dark Tan Pants Hero Marvel
sh041 (Inv) Iron Fist Hero Marvel
sh168 (Inv) Iron Legion Hero Marvel
sh027 Iron Man (Toy Fair 2012 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh065 (Inv) Iron Man Mark 42 Armor Hero Marvel
sh072 (Inv) Iron Man Mark 42 Armor (Plain White Head) Hero Marvel
sh072a (Inv) Iron Man Mark 42 Armor (Plain White Head) Hero Marvel
sh164 (Inv) Iron Man Mark 45 Armor Hero Marvel
sh167 (Inv) Iron Man MK43 Hero Marvel
sh036 (Inv) Iron Man with Circle on Chest Hero Marvel
sh073 (Inv) Iron Man with Heart Breaker Armor Hero Marvel
sh015 (Inv) Iron Man with Triangle on Chest Hero Marvel
sh084 (Inv) Iron Patriot Hero Marvel
sh193 Iron Spider Hero Marvel
sh054 (Inv) J. Jonah Jameson Hero Marvel
sh044 (Inv) Jean Grey in Phoenix Costume (Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh183 (Inv) Maria Hill Hero Marvel
sh103 (Inv) Mary Jane 5 Hero Marvel
sh056 (Inv) Nick Fury Hero Marvel
sh185 (Inv) Nick Fury – Leather Trench Coat Hero Marvel
sh051 (Inv) Nova Hero Marvel
sh128 (Inv) Nova Corps Officer Hero Marvel
sh068 (Inv) Pepper Potts Hero Marvel
sh104 (Inv) Power Man Hero Marvel
sh180 (Inv) Quicksilver Hero Marvel
sh090 (Inv) Rocket Raccoon – Dark Red Outfit Hero Marvel
sh122 (Inv) Rocket Raccoon – Orange Outfit Hero Marvel
sh174 (Inv) Scarlet Witch Hero Marvel
sh188 Shield Agent Hero Marvel
sh038 (Inv) Spider-Man – Black Web Pattern Hero Marvel
sh205 (Inv) Spider-Man – Black Web Pattern, Red Boots Hero Marvel
sh115 (Inv) Spider-Man – Black Web Pattern, Red Hips Hero Marvel
sh139 Spider-Man – Red Lower Legs (San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh190 Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Hero Marvel
sh045 (Inv) Spider-Man in Black Symbiote Costume (Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh140 Spider-Woman (San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive) Hero Marvel
sh123 (Inv) Star-Lord – Mask, Jacket with Side Buttons Hero Marvel
sh127 (Inv) Star-Lord – Mask, Open Jacket Hero Marvel
sh116 (Inv) Storm Hero Marvel
sh018 (Inv) Thor – Beard Hero Marvel
sh098 (Inv) Thor – No Beard Hero Marvel
sh170 (Inv) Thor, Soft Cape Hero Marvel
sh069 (Inv) Tony Stark Hero Marvel
sh178 (Inv) Vision Hero Marvel
sh066 (Inv) War Machine Hero Marvel
sh181 Winter Soldier Hero Marvel
sh017 (Inv) Wolverine Hero Marvel
sh118 (Inv) Wolverine – Mask Hero Marvel
sh067 (Inv) Aldrich Killian Villain Marvel
sh029 (Inv) Alien General Villain Marvel
sh179 (Inv) Baron Von Strucker Villain Marvel
sh053 (Inv) Beetle Villain Marvel
sh187 Carnage Villain Marvel
sh040 (Inv) Doc Ock Villain Marvel
sh110 (Inv) Doc Ock – White Lab Coat over Bright Green Pants Villain Marvel
sh052 (Inv) Dr. Doom Villain Marvel
sh105 (Inv) Electro Villain Marvel
sh141 (Inv) Electro (5002125) Villain Marvel
sh102 (Inv) Green Goblin Villain Marvel
sh196 Green Goblin – Juniors (10687) Villain Marvel
sh033 (Inv) Loki Villain Marvel
sh119 (Inv) Magneto – Dark Purple Outfit Villain Marvel
sh031 (Inv) Magneto – Red Outfit Villain Marvel
sh101 (Inv) MODOK Villain Marvel
sh121 (Inv) Nebula Villain Marvel
sh107 (Inv) Red Skull Villain Marvel
sh192 Rhino Villain Marvel
sh126 (Inv) Ronan The Accuser Villain Marvel
sh191 Sandman Villain Marvel
sh100 (Inv) Taskmaster Villain Marvel
sh130 (Inv) The Collector (San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive) Villain Marvel
sh074 (Inv) The Mandarin Villain Marvel
sh070 (Inv) The Mandarin (Dark Green Cape) Villain Marvel
sh120 (Inv) The Sakaaran Villain Marvel
sh176 (Inv) Ultimate Ultron Villain Marvel
sh169 (Inv) Ultron MK1 Villain Marvel
sh175 (Inv) Ultron Prime Villain Marvel
sh166 (Inv) Ultron Sentry Villain Marvel
sh165 (Inv) Ultron Sentry Officer Villain Marvel
sh209 (Inv) Ultron Sentry with Neck Armor Villain Marvel
sh113 (Inv) Venom Villain Marvel
sh055 (Inv) Venom – Black Spines Villain Marvel
sh189 (Inv) Yellow Jacket Villain Marvel
sh030 (Inv) Alien Foot Soldier Underling Marvel
sh071 (Inv) Extremis Soldier Underling Marvel
sh108 (Inv) Hydra Henchman Underling Marvel
sh171 (Inv) Hydra Henchman – White Legs Underling Marvel

LEGO Superhero Minifigs

Finally, Do you have a favorite hero or villain that LEGO needs to add to a set? If so let us know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter, @StillSorting.