All Sorted Ep 15: LEGO Lexicon

LEGO Lexicon

On a tongue twisting episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James take a look at the LEGO Lexicon:

LEGO Lexicon

ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, the plastic LEGO bricks are made from.

AFOL – Adult Fan Of LEGO. Internet history – Is this the thread that coined the term AFOL?

AFFOL – Adult Female Fan Of LEGO

AHOL – Adult Hobbyist of LEGO. Yes, it sounds like A-Hole. Yes, LEGO fans enjoy juvenile humor.

ALE – Adult LEGO Enthusiast.

ALH – Adult LEGO Hobbyist. As you can see, we’ve really struggled to come up with a good term for someone that spends way too much of their disposable income on LEGO.

ALL SORTED – a moderately OK LEGO podcast.

BIGNETTE – A LEGO scene on a defined base that is larger than a VIGNETTE.

BLEY – Bluish Grey colour LEGO changed to in 2004/05. Brickset Fourum discussion on sorting the greys.

BRICK-BUILT – a build, or portion of a build that is made up of multiple LEGO ELEMENTS even when an official or custom prefabricated element may be available. E.g. The first LEGO Castle set used BRICK-BUILT horses

BUILDER’S CLAW – A morbid affliction of the hands, brought on by excessive stacking.

BURP– Big Ugly Rock Piece.

CLONE BRAND – LEGO Knock-offs.

CHEESE SLOPE – LEGO ELEMENT that is 1 stud x 1 stud, two plates high and has 33° slope. Named because the yellow ones look like a wedge of cheese.

CRAPP– Crummy Ramp And Pit Plate. A baseplate with the ramp leading to the pit.


CUSTOM – A LEGO creation or individual element that uses non-LEGO parts or modified parts, including decals, paint, or accessories from third-party vendors. Contrast with PURIST.

LEGO Custom

DALEK aka TRAVIS BRICK – 1×1 Brick with STUDS on 4 sides. – Why it’s called a Travis Brick.

LEGO Dalek

DARK AGES – The period from when you stopped building with LEGOR as a child and then started again.

DESIGN ID – A reference number you can find on the underside of every LEGO piece since 1985. In the community they are usually just called the part number.

DRAFT – A group of LEGO fans each bring a copy of a LEGO set, sort out all of the LEGO elements, and take turns picking the parts they want. An easy way to get the parts you want in larger quantities without buying multiple copies of the set yourself. Read a detailed description on

DSS – Dreaded-Sticker-Sheet. LEGO, if you are reading this, please, more PRINT and less DSS. Thanks in advance, Everyone Everywhere.


ELEMENT ID – A reference number denoting a LEGO parts colour and shape.

ERLING aka HEADLIGHT BRICK or WASHING MACHINE. Designed in 1979 by Erling Dideriksen.

LEGO Erling

FAFOL – Female Adult Fan Of LEGO

GREEBLES – Fine detailing added to the surface of a larger object to make it appear more complex, and therefore more visually interesting. Often used in spaceship MOCs.

GRÜSCHTELING – (pr. Groo-shtell-ing) – The sound made when sifting through a mass of LEGO. Listen to the All Sorted intro music to hear some GRÜSCHTELING.

ILLEGAL – LEGO building techniques that break the “rules” for connections between LEGO elements used by official LEGO set designers – particularly connections that stress the LEGO elements. For example, inserting a plate between the studs on a brick.

ISD – LEGO set #10030 Imperial Star Destroyer. A large LEGO set frequently used as a scale reference for very large LEGO fan creations.

JUMPER PLATE – A 1×2-stud LEGO plate with only 1 stud in the center.

LEGO Jumper

KFOL – Kid Fan of LEGO.

LDD – Lego Digital Designer – Official, free software for PC and Mac that lets you build LEGO models virtually.

LDRAW – Open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and instructions.

LUG – LEGO User Group. They are filled with people just like you!

LURP – Little Ugly Rock Piece.

MOC – My Own Creation. A model built by a fan.

MOCFODDER – A LEGO set purchased not to build, but just to part out for MOCs.

MOULDS – AFOL shorthand for LEGO part. E.g. “Is that a new MOULD?”

NLSO – Non LEGO Significant Other. Can be converted.

NPU – Nice Part/Piece Usage. Used when a builder uses a part in a novel, unexpected way.

PaB – Pick a Brick, either from the Parts Wall in a LEGO store, or from LEGO Shop@Home.

PARTS MONKEY – A person that finds the parts you need. This is not a parts monkey.

POOP – Parts Out of Other Parts. Any ELEMENT that could have been build out of smaller ELEMENTS.

PRINTS – Elements with printing on them.

PURIST – Creations that do not include any customization, such as modified parts or custom accessories from third-party vendors.

SCRAMBLES – The detritus left behind when some unscrupulous scoundrel opens a LEGO set in store to steal one or more items.

SHEFOL – Female Adult Fan Of LEGO

SHIP – Significantly Huge Investment in Parts. A very large LEGO creation. Extreme example: Mark Kelso’s seven foot long “The Spirit of Fire.” Also, nice GREEBLES.

SIGFIG – The minifig version of a LEGO fan that he or she uses in online communities as an avatar, from “signature minifig.”

LEGO Sigfig

SNOT – Studs Not On Top.

STAMP – STicker Across Multiple Parts. When official LEGO instructions call for stickers to be applied over multiple parts. Hated by AFOLs as it makes the parts impossible to separate and use again.

STUD – The bumps on the top pf a standard LEGO Brick.

SWOOSHABLE – Any build that compels people to pick it up and fly it around the room while making flying noises.

TFOL – Teen Fan of LEGO.

TLG – The LEGO Group

TRU – Toys ‘R’ Us. They sell LEGO. Sometimes they overcharge for LEGO and we hate them. Sometimes they have great sales of LEGO and we love them. Yes, our love can be bought, but it needs to be a great sale, we have standards.

TUBE – The round barrels on the underside of a standard LEGO Brick.


UCS – Ultimate Collectors Series. An irregular series of large LEGO models designed for older builders.


VIGNETTE – A small LEGO scene, usually built on a base 8 studs long by 8 studs wide.

WIP – Work In Progress. Aka All my MOCs.

WOAFOL – Widow/Widower of Adult Fan of LEGO. Pronounced as ‘woeful’. The long-suffering partner that accepts, to varying degrees, that there are three people in their relationship… well, two people and a bunch of plastic.

YFOL – Young Fan Of LEGO. I guess this is for those fans that aren’t a kid (KFOL) anymore, but also aren’t quite a teen (TFOL).