All Sorted Ep 14: Castles Part II

LEGO Castle

On our super sequel episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James admire Ninja, try to wrap their heads around patrilineal LEGO monarchy and admire the extreme sport of LEGO jousting.

This episode we:

Witness an epic battle between Ninjas and Samurai:

LEGO Ninja

Head back west to see the new king:

LEGO Knights Kingdom

After a short rest, we see rainbow coloured knights in two sizes:

LEGO Knights Kingdom 2

Battle Norse creatures of old:

LEGO Vikings

Go back to the Castle, but find it a darker place than before:

LEGO Fantasy Era Castles

Reach back to our roots:

LEGO 2010 Kingdoms

Spin around, once more for:

LEGO 2013 Castle

Finally, we ask “is LEGO Castle is here to stay?” It better be.