LEGO News – May 31, 2016

LEGO Imagine Nation Tour

Jeff: Can you build this set for me, James? My arms are so very tired from working on the LEGO News this week.

James: Ten bucks an hour.

Jeff: To build LEGO?

James: That’s what the going rate is. I’m going to take a tip from Lachlan Henderson when I begin my own LEGO consultancy and brick building service.

Jeff: Your motto can be “For when your child is too busy to build their own LEGO sets.”

James: I’m also thinking of lending my services to architects who have blown their creativity circuits by building stuff in the boring non-LEGO world.

Jeff: If you read the “8 Steps to Building the Perfect LEGO Architecture Model” you should know everything you ever needed to know.

James: Wow, I now hover above my chair and dream only in white bricks. It’s so peaceful here.

Jeff: Don’t get too cosy over there, you’re going to need to also fine tune your Friends building skills if you’re going to take over the entire Hey Let Me Build That For You market any time soon.

James: The world is so complicated, dude. I just want to build classic Space and Pirate sets.

Jeff: The world is changing, get with the times. You can’t just keep offering Set 462 to your customer base. You need to find out what users under the age of 9,000, or whatever you are, are interested in. Like have you considered recreating scenes from Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ like Master Builder Veronica Watson did?

James: Why must the world move so fast, the pace of progress so unrelenting – I’m still working on my Destiny’s Child mural. I only have thirty five feet of it complete and I’m still working on their knees.

Jeff: You will never be a Nathan Sawaya, whose The Art of the Brick is showing in Seattle.

James: I will not even be the extra bricks that Nathan Sawaya accidentally drops down a heating duct.

Jeff: And when we’re done with that we’ll be able to take in the upcoming LEGO Imagine Nation Tour that’s coming to Canada! 13 pavilions and 2.5 acres of interactive activities – why are you pouring bins of LEGO on the floor?

James: I can’t wait until it arrives in Vancouver in September to jump in the Brick Pit. We’re doing this now!

Jeff: Get off the ladder.

James: LEGO belly flop!

Jeff: Hello, 911 – I’d like to report a life-threatening, self-induced LEGO accident that’s about to happen. What’s that? No, I have a few extra brick separators here we can use.