LEGO News – May 3, 2016

James: If LEGO ever hurts our feelings I think we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. First, they’ll say they probably didn’t mean it. Second, they take the better part of a year to apologize.

Jeff: That’s only if you’re a world famous artist. If they hurt our feelings I suspect we’ll be receiving hugs within minutes.

James: Only from each other. Back to the news, though. If we ever think we’ll run out of creative uses of LEGO, German artist Jan Vormann shows us how it can be used to heal wounds in the physical world.

Jeff: Like when we had that “incident” in the studio and then you tried to “patch up” the wound with LEGO?

James: I thought we said we wouldn’t speak of last Halloween and the “night of a thousand firecrackers” again?

Jeff: Let’s move on to some other crime news that’s also close to home. While police were doing a search for drugs and weapons they found a LEGO cache. If you look at the photos it also looks like criminals have good taste in LEGO.

James: My main question is how they stole that giant giraffe.

Jeff: Nothing could ever drive us to a life of LEGO crime. Except perhaps our need to create something as amazing as this train video. Ever wonder what a first person trip on a LEGO train would look like? Ever wonder how you could take that first wonder and make it even more wonderful? And then conclude that wonderfulness with several extra heaping scoops of wonderificishness?

James: My conclusion is that cats like LEGO. And that I need to start building trains. Also, I keep telling you that word will never make it into the common lexicon no matter how often you use it.

Jeff: Your concerns have been logged and ignored. Back to Australia, though. Not only do they have TrainGuy, they will also have their first certified LEGO store which opens this November!

James: The use of “certified” in this article makes me think there is currently a lot of LEGO being sold from the backs of vans and out of backpacks on street corners.

Jeff: Or maybe they sell them from the trunk of this wonderfulicious RC LEGO FSO Polonez 1500.

James: I’m too busy dancing to that soundtrack! Hands in the air!

Jeff: Remember to stay hydrated! I SAID *makes water drinking gesture*! While he’s busy let’s talk rumours. Apparently there’s been leaks that there may be a Supergirl LEGO Dimensions addition. Also suggestions that Harry Potter content could be on the way. Could be a wonderrad future for Dimensions!


James: Are we done news now? I might need a brick bypass after all that dancing. We should probably get working on next week’s All Sorted. Did you start writing that new episode of LEGO history yet?

Jeff: We finished that series.

James: But Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is going to turn over his position as deputy chairman to his 37-year-old son, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen. Kjeld will then move to the board. We’re never going to keep up at this pace! LEGO history unfolds too quickly, Jeff! To the LEGO scriptorium!