LEGO News – May 17, 2016

Kittens in Space

Jeff: Let’s begin with what is probably the best headline in the history of news:
Abandoned kitten who couldn’t walk gets up and running with Lego wheelchair

James: And that’s it for the news this week. May as well be. I feel sorry for all of the other amazing things happening this week in the world as they are all overshadowed by a wonderful LEGO kitten wheelchair.

Jeff: While no news can come anywhere near that, in Canadian LEGO news Dan Harper brick builds a version of Fort Gibraltar.

James: Since it meets both LEGO and CanCon guidelines it’s pretty awesome. But let’s move away from regular awesome and enter the awesomely awesome awesomeness of LEGO mastery. You were pretty excited when you completed organizing your LEGO, Jeff. Now imagine the job of keeping 3 million bricks in order. Plus building amazing creations with them. Here’s a look inside the LEGOLAND model shop with master builders Robbie McCarthy and Bill Gowdy:

Jeff: That’s nothing compared to what I read in Air Cargo News.

James: That wouldn’t surprise me. Air Cargo News is my go-to source for LEGO news. Tell me more.

Jeff: Apparently the air cargo industry, of which we are both intensely and intimately knowledgeable about, is using LEGO in their exhibition booths.

James: of course they are. I would go so far as to suggest we were somehow behind this decision.

Jeff: As would I, considering how often we contemplate freelancing for Air Cargo News’ renowned – no, LEGENDARY – LEGO update section.

James: I’m going to assume Air Cargo News somehow got by without us on this one, but still exciting stuff for LEGO fans who also enjoy air cargo industry exhibition booth swag.

Jeff: There was also this tiny piece in the poorly regarded and barely read Guardian newspaper about how education needs more fun, more LEGO moments. And less Ben Fogle, who thinks besmirching LEGO’s fair name is a sound idea.

James: Guardian? Never heard of it. Sounds like a discount version of TMZ. My inability to read more than fifteen words at a time due to the internet is a hindrance. Don’t we have more LEGO kitten videos?

Jeff: Well, There is this: