LEGO News – March 22, 2016

Adventure Time LEGO

Jeff: Sickness has overtaken me. I’ve had this cold for at least 3 weeks, and it won’t let go. Death is definitely at my door. I don’t think I can go on…

James: I don’t mean to be callous, old friend, but that’s just going to mean more LEGO Dimensions for me.

Jeff: What’s that? I feel my pulse quicken, the growing light is beginning to fade and more more I feel the warmth of the room. Tell me more about this next wave of Dimensions, James, tell me! Preferably still, show me a video! And then hurry to find a way to get me an advance copy! Je suis fatigue.

James: I very much doubt you’d be interested. It’s only the Midway Arcade. And there is nothing more than over twenty classic arcade titles included. Not at all the kind of thing a middle-aged man who grew up on old school arcade and console gaming would be interested in. They seem to have really missed their mark with this one. Oh well, I guess that’ll just be more that I’m going to have to suffer my way through for the both of us.

Jeff: OK, maybe I’ll hold on through the week, but then, once I’ve LEGO’d my way through 20 retro arcade remakes, I’m ready to let go and join the sweet release of death…

James: You’re a brave, brave brick soul. I can understand that you’d save your final reserves for Dimensions. And then I’ll just have to face BrickCan all by myself. All the exhibition, all those mountains of LEGO like some kind of salve for my weary eyes.

Jeff: Fine, I’ll hold on until the end of April, but that’s it, I couldn’t possibly make it any further…

James: You are so stolid, dear Jeff, so very unflappable in the face of all that is not LEGO. It’s such a shame that you may see the glory of BrickCan but wind up missing the wonder of the next two LEGO Ideas projects.

Jeff: Me too, me too. Whisper to me, my podcast brother, tell me – are there more birds, more Doctor Who? What wonders await the world?

James: Nothing too serious. Just an amazing Caterham Super Seven build. Nothing you’d be interested in. A minor piece of perfect English auto styling. Hardly a thing that they’re known around the world for.

Jeff: Oh, if I could only hear that brick beauty purr. But what else, James, you said there were two.

James: It’s nothing.

Jeff: Oh. You’re going to make a dying man guess? The Full House set? A modular design of one of San Francisco’s famed Painted Ladies?

James: No, no. Nothing you’d probably be interested. Just a kid’s show.

Jeff: Is it…

James: Just some brick built adventurers. Some weird old wizard dude. This boring thing that looks like a whiny pink cloud. Also, LADY FRIGGIN RAINICORN, FINN THE HUMAN, JAKE THE DOG, AND, AND, AND [beatboxes uncontrollably]

Jeff: Mathematical! Brick built Adventure Time!

James: soooooo algebraic.

Jeff: It’s a miracle! A brick-sent miracle I tell you!I don’t want to make too much of this, but you’ve probably saved my life. Well, it was like 99.75% LEGO’s doing but you definitely helped. I feel completely better.

James: I’m so relieved. I won’t have to do a whole puppet show podcast where I have to perform voices for both us. I’m no Tom Kenny or Maria Bamford.

Jeff: Nope. I’ve been healed by the powers of brick built cartoon adventurers. Let’s move on, shall we?

James: You still look faint. You sure it’s not some kind of fever induced mania?

Jeff: Totally fine. I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that. Anyway, you see those famous buildings done in brick form over at Wired?

James: Adam Reed Tucker knocks it out of the Roman Colosseum with this one. And since you’ll never get that Full House set you kept talking about during the fever I guess you can at least admire his version of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jeff: Or did you see that Slate post that shows Tucker beside his creation – really gives you a sense of scale. These are amazing. His Frank Lloyd Wright makes the LEGO Architecture look a little shabby. Or his International Space Station. Or his Six Flags roller coaster. Or his… just go look for yourself, they’re all pretty amazing.

James: And speaking of architects, did you see that piece “How 10 Architects Used The Same Box Of 1,200 White Legos”?

Jeff: Did you just say –

James: The article says it, I’m just repeating –

Jeff: LEGO in the false plural?

James: Can we get a medic here? I think his eyes just rolled into the back of his head!

Jeff: I’m back. Let’s quickly move on!

James: Go read the article, even if you succumb to lexicon induced apoplexy. There are some interesting approaches to the problem of too much architectural talent and a blank brick slate. You know what might clear your mind Jeff?

Jeff: High voltage electricity?

James: Close. Someone has explained the science of LEGO pain in their attempt to answer the age old question, Why Does Stepping On a Lego Hurt So Bad? Also known as why is daddy talking in that funny language with all those consonant ridden polysyllabic words I’ve only ever heard when I turn on the TV and it was accidentally left on HBO?

Jeff: More…Legos… Legos… Legos…

James: You need a reset? Point to your on/off switch, buddy. I can’t remember where they put it on your make and model.

Jeff: [gasping] I’m OK. Just a glitch. Let’s move on. Less plurals and more about the Jason Allemann designed EV3 egg decorator. Check out the video or visit his site for more info about this build!

James: This looks like such a fun and relatively easy to build idea. EV3 art! The Easter Bunny is probably going to have him disappeared. We should probably send him a note of warning.