LEGO News – April 5, 2016

LEGO Disney Minifigure

Jeff: You know what we need, James?

James: Flying autonomous cars?

Jeff: Why do I ask you questions?

James: Why do you ask me questions?

Jeff: Since I’m basically talking to myself here I’ll talk about the exciting new venture for two little startups, LEGO and Disney. Fans of various Disney franchises will get the opportunity to open a bag, huff that fresh minifigure smell and enjoy posing their new, random Disney minifigure.

LEGO Disney Minifigures

James: Speaking of Batman –

Jeff: I was talking about Disney.

James: I’m pretty sure you were thinking about Batman. Anyway, you should go check out the Batcave built by Dan Glasure. He ran with the Batman as detective angle and it is something magnificent to behold.

Jeff: Are we done talking about Batman? Can we get back to Disney?

James: Absolutely, sorry Jeff. Right after we talk about how awesome that LEGO Batman Movie Wayne Manor trailer was and how we still feel all tingly.

Jeff: You’ve still got the tinglies too? Thank goodness, I guess I can take 911 off of hold. This second LEGO Batman Movie Trailer reminds us, we’ve seen this story before. And we don’t mind one bit. Let’s look at it again.

James: There’s even more good news.

Jeff: Another Batman trailer?

James: No. I was thinking that if we are medically prohibited from seeing the LEGO Batman movie at least we can still enjoy the upcoming LEGO Scooby-Doo: Haunted Hollywood movie.

Jeff: Good point. I do feel like I might still require medical intervention. Since we can’t do anything useful in our LEGO Batman induced state maybe we should look at some more film.

James: Is this a film festival?

Jeff: We would be so lucky. Until that blissful day we just get the trailer for the upcoming, concisely titled LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Gotham City Breakout Trailer

James: Are we just going to rename All Sorted to Cahiers du LEGO Cinéma?

Jeff: I’ve been thinking of a way of bringing it up, I wasn’t sure you’d go for it.

James: How about while we “discuss” this everyone else can go enjoy an entry in the short film category that illustrates what happens when you get the Midas/LEGO touch?

Jeff: So we’re agreed then, you legally change your name to Brickçois Truffaut and I’ll get my driver’s license changed to Jean-Brick Godard?

James: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear any of that. Let’s change gears and enjoy some news about an upcoming non-moving picture. Canada’s LEGO Certified Professional Robin Sather has designed the country’s biggest mosaic, coming in at 300,000 pieces.

Jeff: At six metres by three metres that would be an impressive sight. Sadly, that sight will be in Halifax and that’s far, far away.

James: Speaking of not flying anywhere, here’s another article about Adam Reed Tucker’s architectural wonders done LEGO style.

Jeff: Sorry, couldn’t hear you over the sound of my tablesaw. I’m busy ripping some wood to make that DIY sliding LEGO table:

James: What was that? Are we still doing News? I totally clocked out. Busy exercising my thumbs to get ready to play LEGO Jurassic World which is now out for iOS and Android.

Jeff: I’m glad your thumbs are warmed up, because you’ll need all the manual dexterity you can muster to master the LEGO Maze which is now on LEGO store shelves.

James: Sorry I couldn’t hear you as I was busy surfing LEGO Maze designer Jason Allemann’s JKBrickworks website for tips to adjust the tilt action on the official LEGO Maze, as well as plans for an amazing Motorized Mini Golf Maze.

Jeff: And if you happen to live near Toronto you can meet Jason and get your LEGO Maze box autographed at the Yorkdale LEGO store on April 9th.

James: Why don’t we live near Toronto?

Jeff: We’re allergic to snow?