LEGO News – April 26, 2016

LEGO Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

James: While we know essentially nothing about cars, we do know that we need this Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Jeff: There are a lot of elements car aficionados will enjoy, but I think the key words are “orange” and “Technic” for me.

James: And since the price difference will be hefty between the Technic version and the real deal I think we’ll go brick.

Jeff: Always go brick, if this article about what playing with LEGO can teach you about managing money has anything to say about it. At least I think that’s what their takeaway was. I keep having Walking Dead flashbacks.

James: Have you been watching zombie brick films again? Haven’t we talked about this? Stop watching scary stuff in brick form. It’s twice as bad as real life.

Jeff: But how could I not click on a video that recreates Nega’s “The Walking Dead” intro in LEGO?

James: By knowing it would give you nightmares? Instead of watching that I kept myself busy by making these amazing LEGO cookies!

Jeff: AAAARRRRGGGHHH! How COULD you? First it’s the zombies, now it’s you eating minifigures! What kind of horrible world do I live in?!

James: I’m not eating actual LEGO.

Jeff: Oh. I knew that. Mmm. These cookies are pretty good.

James: Grab a tray, we’re going to watch a film by the original master of horror.

Jeff: George A. Romero is doing brick films now? Huh. Guess that makes sense.

James: No, dude, Shakespeare. For the 400th Anniversary LEGO has recreated some scenes for lovers of the bard to enjoy.


Jeff: They seem to have skipped all the great zombie sequences. Didn’t Hamlet have this whole skull scene? Wasn’t Macbeth essentially a zombie apocalypse film? And they didn’t even mention Much Ado About Nothing, which seems like a comedy but I’m pretty sure there’s some pretty deep subtext about zombies. Or was that super heroes?

James: Let’s end the news this week with a reminder about one way we should never use LEGO.