LEGO News – April 19, 2016

LEGO Minecraft

James: Do you believe in love, Jeff?

Jeff: Like do I love LEGO unconditionally? Yes. Would I give my life for my bricks? Yes. Can I legally marry my LEGO? Not yet.

James: Until that fateful day perhaps you’d enjoy to watch a short love story told in LEGO.

Jeff: That warmed my heart. Which I really needed after I had that ABS brick heart replacement surgery. One step closer to being a minifigure…

James: So essentially you aspire to be the lead figure in this news story.

Jeff: I’m not saying I hate being human, but man would I love to be LEGO.

LEGO Minecraft

James: But if you were a minifigure would be able to properly build and enjoy the village that’s going to take all of your kids’ money?


James: Oh Kragle, I forgot where I put the reset brick again.


James: JEFF! JEFF! JEFF! Did you see LEGO unveiled that teaser image related to the teaser trailer for Rogue One?

Jeff: Stop teasing. I said I’m back.

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One

James: Perfect! You’re just in time to be terrified! Louisville Zoo unveiled Lego animal sculptures as part of upcoming ‘Nature Connects’ exhibit, and they are terrifyingly awesome.

Jeff: I hope I never wake up to find that you’ve acquired one of those ridiculously glorious brick beasts and have placed it next to my bed while I pretend to sleep.

James: I can promise that will never happen.

Jeff: That makes me sad in a way that only a complete impossibility can make one sad. My brick built heart is breaking.

James: Although I’m pretty certain it’s indestructible unless I put you in a pneumatic press, maybe you still need some more good news.

Jeff: Like that Sesame Workshop and the LEGO Foundation have announced a new partnership to promote children’s learning through play?

James: Exactly like that. Or like the world’s smallest press conference announces Germany’s Euro 2016 squad… in Lego form.

Jeff: I’m going to guess that didn’t go over well in Billund. I hear their miniature team has been training for years.

James: Once again, couldn’t hear you over the sound of the espresso machine.

Jeff: James? Where are you?

James: Visiting the new LEGOLAND. It’s a LEGO city on display at Grass Valley’s What’s Up? Coffee*. You should grab a flight and swing by here after you’re done the LEGO news.

Jeff: Be there momentarily. I’m building LEGO set 60119 as we speak.

* (WARNING: Repeated use of the word “LEGOs”)