All Sorted Ep 64: LEGO Garage Part I

Jeff and James pop some hoods, kick some tires and pretend they know stuff about automobiles in this nitro and puppy fueled first episode of LEGO Garage.

As always, a few revs of the engine to our patrons – we appreciate the support!


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Here are the sets we talked about, hopefully in order of appearance:


41301: Puppy Parade

41301 Puppy Parade

8898 Wreckage Road

7682: Shanghai Chase

7682 Shanghai Chase

9464 The Vampyre Hearse
31006: Highway Speedster

31006 Highway Speedster

6913: Blue Roadster

6913 Blue Roadster

41339 Mias Camper Van

31037: Adventure Vehicles

31037 Adventure Vehicles

76013 Batman The Joker Steam Roller

31079: Sunshine Surfer Van

31079 Sunshine Surfer Van

3177 Small Car

1489: Mobile Car Crane

1489 Mobile Car Crane

60085 4x4 with Powerboat

5763: Dune Hopper

5763 Dune Hopper

4207 City Garage
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