All Sorted Ep 54: LEGO Batman

This episode Jeff and James drink gravel from their movie tie-in cups and wear black pointed masks. Also, they discuss LEGO Batman.

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  • keith brannon

    You guys are back. Yay. 😀

    • Thanks Keith! We have a lot of desire to be back at it, just still not enough time! That said, hopefully we can go much less time between episodes. They may get less research heavy and somewhat more loosely structured like this one (if anyone notices!).

  • Jordan Stevenson

    welcome back

  • Chuck Perez

    I may be a little late to the party but I’m hooked on collecting Lego’s and this theme. Thanks for the episode! Very entertaining.

    • Thanks Chuck, glad you enjoyed! Also, there is no being late to a LEGO party when that party doesn’t stop.