All Sorted Ep 50: LEGO Brick Separator


On a separate episode of All Sorted Jeff and James explore traditional methods of overcoming Clutch Power:

  • Finger nails
    • Potentially painful when the brick slips.
  • Teeth
    • Who doesn’t have a pile of old LEGO scarred with dental imprints?
  • The corner of another piece of LEGO
    • Increase chance of LEGO slippage = increased chance at knuckle pain.
  • Butter knife
    • If my parents ask, no it was not me that bent the tips on all those butter knives 20 years ago.
  • Razor
    • No… just no.
  • Pliers
    • Scars LEGO just like teeth, but with a much smaller chance of requiring emergency dental surgery.
  • Dental floss
    • Wait, does this actually work?


A Look at a Needed Tool

LEGO first Brick Separator

Part 6007: Brick Separator (1990)

LEGO Brick Vac


Brick Separator Becomes New and Improved

LEGO new Brick Separator

Part 96874: Brick and Axle Separator (2012)

Improvements included:

  • Adding an axle-pusher to help remove Technic pins and axles.
  • Thinning out the back of the handle to aid in prying off tiles.
  • Adding an off-set jumper plate anti-stud to aid in removing stuck jumpers.
  • Making this separator much easier to acquire. It has already appeared in 272 sets in less than 5 years!


We Get Lost Under a Flood of Extra Tools

Now that the tool is so easy to acquire, what is any self-respecting AFOL supposed to do with the surplus?

Finally, we ask

  • Should LEGO slow down Brick Separator distribution?
  • Should we somehow combine all our extra Brick Separators into some sort of massive super structure?
  • Do you have a MOC that makes use of the Brick Separator? Let us know. Please leave a comment, or hit Jeff up on Twitter, he’s @StillSorting.

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