All Sorted Ep 40: LEGO Sports

On a sporting episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:


Look at the pre-SPORTS LEGO Town subtheme:

LEGO Town Football

Hit the pitch with LEGO:

LEGO Soccer or Football

Get X-Treme:

LEGO Xtreme Sports

Shoot some hoops:

LEGO Basketball

Hit the ice:

LEGO Hockey

Run to the drive through:

LEGO McDonalds Sports

Finally, we ask:

  • Is it time for LEGO to try Sports again?
  • Is there any sport that would translate well to being played by minifigs, and their limited range of motions?
  • Would you like to see LEGO go farther?

Let us know. Please leave a comment below, or hit Jeff up on twitter, he’s @StillSorting.

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