All Sorted Ep 39: LEGO and Disability


On a diverse episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:
LEGO and Disability
Ask, “What exactly is the big deal?”:
Examine past LEGO wheelchairs:

Check if LEGO has ever made a disabled minifigure:

Ask, “Why now?”:
  • “LEGO was pressured into including a disabled minifig by special interest groups.”
  • LEGO knew this set would generate a lot of free publicity and sell really well!
    • This doesn’t hold up for me for a couple of reasons:
      • If LEGO was prepared for an onslaught of media attention on this set, they sure didn’t show it.  LEGO didn’t have images or a press release ready to go at the start of the Toy Fair, which is why you just see the same few images in all the news articles.
      • LEGO had no reason to believe adding a wheelchair to a set would automatically make a set sell.
Look towards the future:
  • Hope this is not a Share-a-Smile Becky, Barbie’s wheelchair friend one-and-done situation.
    • If, three years from now we look back and see that only one disabled minifig appeared in one set, we can go ahead and call it a cynical attempt to cash in on good press.
    • Hopefully, In a few years, seeing disabled minifigs in a set will become common enough that no one really notices or cares.
Finally, we ask:
  • Has LEGO done enough to add diversity to the LEGO world?
  • Would you like to see LEGO go farther?
  • Let us know.  Please leave a comment, or hit me up on twitter, I’m @StillSorting.

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