All Sorted Ep 33: LEGO Law & Order


On a procedural episode of All Sorted Jeff and James:
Bring Law & Order to the mean streets of the LEGO System of Play:
LEGO Traffic Police 1956
Go to Town:
LEGO Police Heliport 1972
  • 354: Police Heliport (1972)
    • 168 pieces.
    • Police car, helicopter, and a police station.
    • Closer in scale to the Town Plan sets than modern minifig scale builds.
  • 370: Police Headquarters (1976)
    • 280 pieces.
    • 4 LEGOLAND minifigs.
    • Police car, police van, helicopter, and two brick-built motorbikes.
  • 381: Police Headquarters (1979)
    • 372 pieces.
    • 4 Minifigs: a regular officer, two leather jacket clad officers, and an air traffic controller?
  • 6540: Pier Police (1991)
    • 352 pieces.
    • A tiny two floor police station on a pier.
    • 4 police minifigs, 2 boats, a car, and a motorbike.
  • 6398: Central Precinct HQ (1993)
    • 615 pieces.
    • The first Police station to give us a jail cell, and a criminal to put in it – “Jailbreak Joe”.
  • 7498: Police Station (2011)
    • 786 pieces.
    • 3 floors of station w/a helipad on top.  2 Jail cells above the 2 garages.  Police car, Prisoner transport.  No motorcycle, but you do get a bike.
    • 4 officers and 2 prisoners and a police dog.
  • 60130: Prison Island (scheduled for 2016)
    • 754 pieces.
    • 4 officers, 4 crooks, and a shark!
    • Lots of ways for the crooks to escape, including a raft, and a hot air balloon.
Total the resources available to the LEGO police department:
  • If you were able to buy one of every LEGO Police set ever released you would have:
    • 231 Police Officers (8 of them LEGOLAND Minifigs)
    • 71 Crooks
    • 39 Police Trucks
    • 33 Police Helicopters
    • 31 Police Cars
    • 31 Police Motorcycles
    • 27 Police Boats
    • 14 Police ATV
    • 13 Police Dogs
    • 7 Mobile Command Units
    • 5 Police Airplanes.
Travel outside the City to protect the far reaches of the LEGO universe:
LEGO Fabuland Police 1984

LEGO Solar Snooper 1992

  • Space Police 2 (1992-1993, with a re-release in 1998)
    • A 12 wheel planetary crawler made from 255 pcs of Black, Grey, Red and trans-green.
    • Was not “solar” and could not “snoop”.
    • A lot of machine to transfer one prisoner…
  • Space Police 3 (2009-2010)
    • 389 pieces.
    • One of the few Police sets where the Police are outnumbered by the Crooks.
    • Includes the Black Hole Gang’s hideout / repair shop, a Space Police Cruiser, and 3 “Mad Max in Space” vehicles.
Finally we ask:
  • Over the last 60 years, LEGO Police have been keeping Law and Order by land, sea, and air (and forest, and swamp, and space, and animal headed parallel dimensions…).  Has LEGO been giving the Police enough to do?  Is there a setting you’d like to see a Police Station?
  • Has LEGO moved LEGO City in the right direction?  Where would you like the theme to go?  Let us know in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter, I’m @StillSorting.

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