All Sorted Ep 13: Castles (Part I)

LEGO Castles - Wolfpack

On a very fortified episode of All Sorted, Jeff and James swim the moat, burn the drawbridge, attack the guards and seize the gold! Also, we discuss LEGO.


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This episode we:

Dig up the earliest castles LEGO produced:

LEGO Castles - Wetabix Castle

Look back on LEGO Castle’s humble beginings:

LEGO Castles - First Castle

Get between the Crusaders and the Black Falcons:

LEGO Castles - Crusaders vs Black Falcons

Come across a band of merry men:

LEGO Castles - Forestmen

Tangle with the Black Nights:

LEGO Castles - Black Knights

Become part of the Wolfpack:

Add Media

LEGO Castles - Wolfpack

Meet a mysterious wizard:

LEGO Castles - Dragon Masters

Hail the King:

LEGO Castles - Royal Knights

Stare into the face of fear:

LEGO Castles - Fright Knights

We hit the end of Classic castle. Join us next time for Part 2 of our attempt to siege the mighty LEGO Castle.

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