All Sorted Build and Talks


Now that we’ve recorded a bunch of episodes that I’ve squirreled away in an tree for later editing, we started a fun project that is going to run as part of our patronage program over at PodBean.

What is this mysterious new thing, you ask? Well, we’re calling it a Build and Talk. Why? Because that’s essentially what we do in it. We build a set and we chat along while we do it. A little talk about the set, a lot of talk about how many times James will drop the smallest pieces in the set on the floor.

While we are keeping all of our regular All Sorted episodes that cover themes and ideas in LEGO ad-free and freely available for all to enjoy, the Build and Talks will be an exclusive extra to our PodBean Patrons.

The first Build and Talk is about 1hr 15min and already uploaded and ready to go. Future episodes will go up around once a month or so. We had a lot of fun doing a free-form episode with lots of chit chat, and most of all we had a lot of fun doing a build together. Future episodes will include comments and some Q&A from our patrons (so if you become a patron please send us your questions!).

To find out more, head over to our PodBean Page. Patron only content will be available via the PodBean App (or I believe you will be able to download it directly via browser). Please note that because these are special patron only episodes they will not be available directly through our iTunes feed.

Thanks for listening,

Jeff and James

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